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SAFARI in Swahili means JOURNEY! MR  Conservation Himself!


1. Big Game Parks Swaziland. Inclusive Mkhaya, Hlane, Milwane and Mlawula.

Mr conservation in Swaziland is the legendary TED REILLY, who together with the support of the  KING  and his father have established a very successful conservation programme with the establishment of a number of GAME SANTUARIES, starting with his farm MLILWANE, which to day is the headquarters of Big GAME Parks Swaziland, which include MKHAYA and HLANE  The Kings  original Hunting Ground, MLAWULA and MALOLOTJA Wild Life Santuaries.

An ideal start to your SAFARI in Swaziland will be a stay at REILLYS ROCK the original home of the REILLY family.


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